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Like many other companies in our region, our original focus was on the cheese trade. By offering an innovative product range, we sought to improve our position with our customers.

For this reason, after plenty of experimentation, we added herb butter to our range. Then as now, the specialists at LaBan Foods had an unrivalled knack for identifying the right dairy product to help create the tastiest result. Countless small-scale tests were carried out; in dialogue with our customers and with the help of consumer panels, flavour and quality were improved further and further. This ultimately resulted in a product that had the required quality and above all was tasty enough: the start of LaBan Foods.

The sale of herb butter was soon so successful that in 1993 we decided to leave our "roots" behind and focus exclusively on the production and sale of herb butter. We have no regrets, because LaBan Foods is now a leading producer of herb butter in the Netherlands. Every day, many thousands of packaging units are filled with herb butter in our modern production facility before finding their way to customers.

Although the recipe for our herb butter was achieved through an old-fashioned artisan process, the production process is anything but that. As a result, consistency of taste and quality are guaranteed.